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ERres- Emergency Medicine

9 usd #2 app for emergency medicine!EM:RAP October edition by Michelle Lin: Top app for emergency medicine!! "This app is fantastic. Reasonably priced, simple to use and crammed with useful information. I. Love. It."
Ranked in over 60 countries!!!
ERres is an easy-to-navigate bedside tool containing the various medication lists, algorithms, decision rules, clinical policies and core content most often looked up by emergency care providers.
An evidence-based and up-to-date app... continuously updated and expanded.
So why continue buying paperback references year after year when for the price of a large mocha latte you can buy ERres now and get all future updates... for free!?!?
Below is a SAMPLE list of available features.
General:- search function- personal notes
Toxicology:- Antidotes- Elimination by dialysis- Prevent absorption- Specific toxins (acetaminophen, CCB, snakebite)- Toxidromes
Procedures:- CSF analysis- Intraosseous needles- Local anesthetics
Ultrasound:- eFAST- Gallbladder- IVC/fluid status- Pelvic- Pneumothorax
Intubation and sedation:- ARDSnet- Post-intubation package- DOPES and DOTTS- Procedural sedation meds- RSI meds- RSI in head injury- Sedation scales
Resuscitation:- ACLS and PALS algorithms- Code meds- GCS- H's and T's- Sepsis- Shock- Vasopressors
Decision rules:- C-spine clearance - DVT and pulmonary embolism- Knee trauma - Minor head trauma- Ottawa rules- Pediatric septic hip - Pneumonia scores- Strep throat - Stroke and TIA - Syncope rules- TIMI score for UA/NSTEMI- UGIB
Drugs:- Agitation- Antidotes- Common drips- Hypertensive emergency- IV fluids- Local anesthetics- Vasopressors
Medicine- Acid base- Allergy and anaphylaxis- Burns- Cardiology (Duke criteria, STEMI guidelines, ECG section)- Dental - Endocrine and lytes (DKA, hyperkalemia and thyroid storm)- Formulas- GU and renal (priapism, STD treatment, UTI/pyelonephritis)- Heme/Onc (factor replacement, neutropenic fever, supratherapeutic INR)- Lab values- Neurology (seizures, spinal cord syndromes, stroke)- OB/Gyn (OB wheel, postpartum hemorrhage, rhogam, shoulder dystocia)- Ophtho (acute glaucoma, eye chart, visual pathway)- Pulmonary (asthma)
Trauma:- Head (TBI guidelines)- Neck and cord (spinal cord syndromes, spine fractures, zones of the neck)- Chest (blunt cardiac injury, hemothorax and pneumothorax)- Upper extremity (elbow ossification centers)- Lower extremity (bohler's angle, patella alta/infera)
Pediatrics:- Weight based tape- Acute otitis media- APGAR score- Elbow ossification centers- Fever guidelines- Febrile seizures- Salter-harris fractures- Sick neonate differential- Vital signs